Neh 8:10-And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold. AMP

If Satan can get your joy he can get your strength.  That is what he needs and wants because a weak, weenie, sad Christian is no threat to him. In the last 30 years, Satan has made great strides in his mission to snatch the believer’s joy.

smiley-face           Because America is a Christian country, she is a blessed country.  She is blessed to be a blessing.[1]  However, we have allowed the devil to twist our blessings into sad, heavy, guilty “compassions.”  So, instead of feeling blessed and joyfully sharing our fruits we often feel guilty, and give with a sad, resigned, recompense for “our sin” of being so blessed.

For grins just take an inventory of the gloomy gunk around you.  Much of television and Hollywood’s entertainment  is dark, fatalistic, apocalyptic clap-trap.  We are inundated with marketing campaigns for worthy causes that prey on sadness (but call it compassion) designed to illicit attention, then sympathy, then money.

In John 5:6 Jesus asks the man with a lingering disorder, “Do you want to become well?”  Christ could easily ask us, “Christian, do you want to be happy?”  It’s a cogent question because that is what Christ died on the cross for; “So that you might have joy until it overflows.” [2] Do you want what He died to give you or not?

If you feel too guilty to be happy try this experiment.  See which of your behaviors most blesses the people closest to you: being sad, depressed and guilty, or choosing to be happy and behaving joyfully.

Neither Christ, nor the Christian, nor this country ever conquered an enemy, moved forward, or rose higher by feeling unjustifiably guilty, or behaving pitifully “compassionate” or weak.  Great strides come, heights are soared, and blessings follow when we take our licks and our losses, experience them with God, then move forward in His strength.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Do not let anyone, any cause or anything take the joy Christ died to give you.

[1] Genesis 12:2

[2] John 10:10 AMP

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