This is where you should walk and this is how you should walk.


Jer 6:16 – Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk in it!

Matt 11:30 – For My yoke is wholesome (useful, good — not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing, but comfortable, gracious, and pleasant), and My burden is light and easy to be borne. AMP


Where should we walk?

Each moment the Christian stands at a point of decision. Which way should he go?  Jeremiah 6:16 says at these times we are to ask God to show us His way, which will be the  Eternal way  ̶  but this scripture never says the road will be easy or agreeable. In fact, God’s path may be extremely difficult.

How should we walk?

Meanwhile, Matthew 11:30 instructs us to take Christ with us as we walk because Christ walks a certain way.  Christ is gentle, meek, and He is not hard, harsh, sharp or pressing.  He doesn’t rush or push or demand His way along the way. His pace and manner is pleasant and comfortable.

The next time we make a decision let’s stop and look at our options.  Which way does God want us to go?  Then let’s begin our journey hand-in-hand with Christ Who walks mindfully, graciously pleasantly, and even comfortably down the road.

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