Do You Live in Faith or Fear?

Part Five – Ignore the fear

Mark 5:35-While He was still speaking, there came some from the ruler’s house, who said [to Jairus], Your daughter has died. Why bother and distress the Teacher any further?

36 Overhearing but ignoring what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing. AMP

                After we become Christians we become conscious that there is another way to live, even another world, or reality we can live in. It is called Kingdom living and Christ lived in it.  We can too, and we do it by following His example.

Christ knew the Word and lived the Truth of the Word.  Anything that did not match up with the Truth He dismissed.

For example, Mark 5:35-42 is the story of Jesus’ raising Jairus’ daughter from death.  In Mark 5:35 friends say to Jairus, “Your daughter has died.  Why bother and distress the Teacher further?”  Verse 5:36 says that Jesus overheard them say this but ignored it. In the same verse Christ also negated the lie for Jairus by saying, “Don’t be seized with alarm and struck with fear.”  Next Christ replaced the lie full of fear, with the Truth by telling Jairus “Only keep on believing.”

Think how often you are told by people  and by the world, lies that are full of fear and are totally antithetical to the Good News of the Gospel.  We are told and given examples every day, from the media, people and other instruments of the Enemy that we should be afraid, and that we must try to control life ourselves, and that we are without compassion and concern unless we feel worry and anxiety. All of these fears and emotions are sin and they are totally opposite of the joyful life Christ lived and died to give us.[1]

Christ used lots of methods to dismiss the lies of the world and to uphold the Truth of God, but one of His most effective weapons was to ignore the lies of the enemy.  The world will think you a fool, but that’s not good enough reason to forfeit the Kingdom.



[1] John 10:10 AMP

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