Leaders Empower Others to Change

(A little history lesson that has a divine point.)


            In the summer of 1940 France had signed an armistice with Germany. This agreement stated that the French Fleet “shall be collected in ports to be specified and there demolished under German and Italian control.” Although the French Admiral Darlan had previously given assurance that he would never allow the Germans to take the ships, Winston Churchill obviously knew that Hitler could not be trusted. With a semi-circle of German occupied countries facing Britain he had to keep control of the English Channel and could not afford to take any chance on the powerful French Fleet being used by the Axis. An ultimatum was given to the French Admirals. They could join Britain in fighting Germany and Italy; sail to a British port or to the West Indies. If these were not acceptable then they had to sink their ships. The main French Fleet was in the harbor of Oran in Algeria and the admiral there, after contacting the Vichy Government, refused any of the options. This resulted in the British Navy firing and sinking or damaging most of the Fleet, with the loss of some 1,300 French sailors.

Winston Churchill reported to Parliament the next day where he received a standing ovation. The action also resulted in President Roosevelt changing his previous negative opinion as to Britain’s chance of survival, and thus the “Leases for Bases” agreement, which gave Britain the much needed fifty WW1 U.S. destroyers. The answer to the question as whether the decision was correct was overwhelmingly in the affirmative. People watched Churchill, decisions were changed, people were empowered and the course of war took a turn.

Jesus Christ lived a life devoted to God.  He stood up to religious leaders. He spoke the truth to those who lied. He destroyed the tables of the greedy, and He took His allegiance to our Lord and His principles to and through the cross.  People watched Him, they were empowered by Him, and their lives were changed.

Every significant change in history has come down to one person taking a stand.  God has put you in the right place at the right time for a reason.  In these coming times of change you will stand.  In your little corner of the world you will be confident. You will be tethered to God. You will not run in fear.  The threat of rejection, self-doubt, and confusion will not affect you.  Your heart, your actions, your mouth and your life will represent and glorify your God.  You will change the tide in your world.  Others will notice. They will see God. They will gain courage, grow in faith, and follow His lead as seen through you, and our country will change, and be blessed.

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