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A Life Led by the Holy Spirit


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Product Description 

Letting the Spirit of God renew our minds, and in doing so transform our lives, affects everything we thought we knew. Time is altered, space is transformed, the strong edges of a great many of our beliefs and certainties concerning “reality” soften or disappear altogether. This is not an altered state we are in, this is Kingdom living, because being led by the Spirit and walking in His footsteps is a life lived in a world within a world, where God is all, all is trusted in Him, and He is followed in faith. 

This short booklet is designed to help the Christian who hungers for this fundamental transformation have it. 

In this workbook you will learn:

  • That today’s serious Christian is on the cusp of a much deeper understanding of Christ
  • The difference between seeing a new way to live, and living it
  • The master key that unlocks all the doors of the kingdom of heaven
  • The difference between being a good person, and being a Christian
  • How to grow the seed of Christ within you
  • How to recognize the pace of God
  • Why God wants your energy and effort to be used to enter His rest, not to make your world work
  • How God’s rest works
  • A lot more….

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