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Kisses From God – Digital


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Product Description:

Intimate, illuminating morning lessons from God.

Our belief in time and death cause all our problems.

Our belief in God and His promises, solve them.

When we are rushed, pushed, worried, frustrated and mad we may get a lot done, but we tear ourselves apart and because we are not carrying the fruits of the spirit, we are not serving God.

Yet, when we spend time with God He begins to take us into His kingdom where there is no time and we live forever; always in the arms of God Who is Love, Truth, Light and Peace. It doesn’t take long for us to figure out that this is where we want to be. Eventually we won’t leave, so we begin to take God and His Kingdom with us everywhere we go. It is then that His fruit lives through us. And it is only then that we do real good, that our deepest desires are fulfilled and that we truly glorify and serve our God.  


This book of devotions reveals that:

  • Our greatest witness for God is our life spent in the enjoyment of Him and His creation.
  • To truly serve God and man, we must SLOW DOWN.
  • God has a pace and rhythm for each of us that is comfortable, peaceful and effective.
  • The peace Christ died to give us is ours to enjoy NOW.
  • When we stop trying to improve and change ourselves and we give ourselves and our mess to God, then we have peace and joy and He does the work.

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