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The Desperate Christian


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Product Description:

There are churches filled with the Spirit, and there are churches filled with the church, or religion. If you are trying to fill your spiritual needs with the latter, you will come up empty…and desperate.

Satan has used this spiritual void to alienate Christians, not only from church, but from a relationship with Christ…but God has other plans. God is using this holy vacuum to move the desperate christian away from dependence on the church, or another believer, into a powerful, exciting and fulfilling one-on-one relationship with Him. God wants you to take this relationship and share it with His bride, the church.

The Desperate Christian is a handbook for helping you develop this one-on-one relationship with God when there is no church to guide you and no mature believer to teach you.

You will discover:

  • Startling proof that you are not alone. There are millions of people discontent with church and starving for authentic spiritual food.
  • Eleven questions and answers that will lead you into a closer and more dynamic relationship with God.
  • Clues God has given me that I want to share with you, that can help you seek His kingdom, enter His rest, and live in Christ.
  • Spiritual proof of the difference you make when your personal relationship with God is shared with the church.

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